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Why Marasun?

Marasun is elevating the homeowner experience through clear communication, radical transparency, and sharing our Gratitude. By offering meaningful insight and thoughtful recommendations, we hope to eliminate the fears that surround the decision of which products and/or styles are the best fit for your investment. 

During your assessment our project leaders will complete an 88-point exterior inspection to photo document the condition of your roof, siding, and gutters. These photos allow our production team to prepare a map for the preferred dumpster location (if needed), material delivery, and develop a property protection plan for our team to protect your home when the work is being completed. 

We utilize an AI, military-grade system to accurately calculate your home’s exact measurements. Our project leaders will be prepared to understand your dreams and lead you towards making them a reality.

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We serve the Eastern Shore of MD from the Bay to the Beach.

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